A comprehensive list of collaborative projects by Gilbert and Kathleen.


Hypnodetonation (2009)

Using sounds and images from industrial films, television commercials, documentary and educational films, "Hypnodetonation" re-forms contemporary and historical media into an audio/visual meditation field. The media is manipulated, layered, looped, and transformed live through a combination of digital devices, all with the aim of creating circular and repeating patterns. The repetitions and loops create a point of focus intended to free cognitive thinking by overloading the senses with dazzling displays. The project ultimately questions what happens when we become transfixed by the sounds and images that bombard us on a daily basis and how we can evolve spiritually in an age of information overload.


(Untitled) Project for Oakland's Middle Harbor Shoreline Park (2009)

This project was supported by a grant from the East Bay Community Foundation Fund for Artists and matching funds from individual donors. It was presented at the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, CA, a site that once housed the former Oakland Naval Supply Depot, an important supply center for the U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet from World War II until 1998. The Port of Oakland took over the site in 1998 to restore its natural habitat and to create a public park, with an interest in promoting local history and ecology. We created a temporary outdoor public installation using cut paper, light and sound to explore the historical and natural elements of this site.


Transient Frequencies (2007)

This project was presented in June 2007 as part of the Alternate Soundtrack City Tours, commissioned by Neighborhood Public Radio for Southern Exposure's year-long "Offsite" program. Transient Frequencies is a tour of San Francisco's Mission District around the site of the 1906 earthquake fire line on 20th Street. Part fact and part fiction, it takes a look at the history of the neighborhood with an eye on economic disparities and the precarity of social classes in the face of natural disaster. It features the voices of Anne McGuire, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Linda Arnejo, Raymond Fernandez, Sara Guerrero-Herrera, Gilbert Guerrero and Craig Baldwin.

Transient Frequencies

Untitled (Cosmic Journey) (2007, ever-evolving)

In this project, viewers are provided with a metaphorical journey through the cultural landscape using literal imagery of space flight. It is designed as an open-ended narrative which visually launches the audience on a journey into outer space, then provides an astronaut's view of life on Earth through a constantly manipulated stream of historical and cultural media and then deposits them (visually) back onto the planet. The project consists of an ever-growing archive of appropriated media clips, NASA space launch footage, Busby Berkeley dance sequences, National Geographic footage, industrial films from the Prelinger Film Archives and more. This project is presented as a live projection performance using various techniques (depending on the configuration of each performance), including digital video processing, hand-manipulated analog slides and audio circuit-bending.

Untitled Cosmic Journey

A Conversation (Then Suddenly) (2007)

A Conversation (Then Suddenly) is a semi-autobiographical docu-dramatization of the collaborative process of the artists. The project consists of three slide projectors, including a series of slides which show the artists moving through and interacting with their own respective internal landscapes and a series of slides that contain single words or word phrases. As the slides are projected, the images and words force a visual and textual dialogue with each other as well as on the viewer. Sometimes the words will synch up with the images, and sometimes the words and images will totally counteract each other. These constantly changing image sets represent the process of collaboration and the syntheses and difficulties that emerge when each artist brings a set of ideas and inspirations to a shared vision.

A Conversation (Then Suddenly)

Invasion! The Game of Tyranny (2006)

This project explores the ridiculous state of the world through a hybrid board game and video installation-performance. Players compete for the title of Global Tyrant by pillaging natural resources, expanding networks of export processing zones, hording cash reserves and building up weapons of mass destruction.

Invasion! The Game of Tyranny

California Dreaming (Seismic Shift) (2005)

Through a series of 300+ slides and an accompanying audio soundtrack, California Dreaming (Seismic Shift) presents a docu-dramatization of the artists' travels through the state of California along the path of the San Andreas Fault System. The project considers the various cultural, spiritual, economical, political and historical elements which define the state of California in conjunction with ancient, active, geological forces.

CA Dreaming

Boo Radley was here 2004 (2004)

Presented at POND Gallery for "This Way Please: Tours of the Everyday" during a neighborhood-wide art walk. The project created a secondary map of a mass art experience within and concurrent to the larger map of art gallery locations in San Francisco's Mission District.

Boo Radley Was Here 2004

Open Composition for an Indeterminate Social Ensemble (2004)

An ephemeral installation that turns art receptions into a study of social and linguistic relations.

Open Composition for an Indeterminate Social Ensemble

The International Transentient Cartographicacy Project (2004)

The International Transentient Cartographicacy Project exposes both the continuities and the distortions of contemporary urban experience through an interactive, on-line map of Mexico City and roving multi-media projection-installation presented throughout the streets of Dublin, Ireland. The project was presented as part of the official program for the 2004 ReJoyce Festival in Dublin, Ireland and presented through the Wandering Rocks, Revolving Doors collective.


ATA WebZine (on-going)

Established in 2003 for the Artists' Television Access website, the ATA webzine features work by San Francisco Bay Area-based artists, writers, musicians, film and video makers and free-thinkers.

ATA Webzine